Lori Mitchell for County Clerk

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Lori Mitchell currently serves as the Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder and she is running for reelection in 2018.

Why vote for Lori?

Excellence in Elections Administration

Lori is a Certified Colorado Election Official. The Clerk and Recorder's Office has taken many strides to enhance voter tools, communication, and access to the ballot box. The Elections Department added 24- hour ballot boxes in Salida and Buena Vista. Lori secured a Federal Grant and remodeled the Buena Vista Clerk's Office so there is now a permanent vote center location in the northern part of the County. Starting in 2015, Chaffee County invested in hosting more Voter Service and Polling Centers than what is statutorily required, adding convenience for all citizens. For added transparency, voters can track their ballot with BallotTrax, a service launched in 2017. Chaffee County has played a significant role in developing more robust post-election audits in Colorado. Lori is always looking to expand partnerships with political parties, voting rights organizations, and stakeholders.


Motor Vehicle Efficiency

Chaffee County citizens are noticing dramatic improvements in Motor Vehicle Services. We added 5 "open for business hours" per week to our Buena Vista Office. Our Salida Office was remodeled creating a larger waiting area and it is now ADA accessible. We are constantly creating a faster, more customer centric, and less stressful DMV visit.


Preserving our history

Chaffee County the only County in the State to have all County land records digitized, INDEXED, and available to the public online. Lori began this project in 2016 and recently received a $50,000 grant to complete the project. because she values the history of Chaffee County as she is a fifth generation resident.

Lori implemented a new recording system and online web hosting system which created a backup of all records and is more user friendly for the public and other County departments. 


Statewide Leadership

Chaffee County has a voice at the state level and has been shaping policy. Lori is currently the President of the Colorado County Clerk's Association.


Support lori

Your support and contributions will help ensure fair, accurate, secure, and transparent elections and superior, innovative, and fiscally responsible customer service for the citizens of Chaffee County.

Please mail donations to: The Committee to Elect Lori Mitchell, 629 C St., Salida, CO, 81201

Follow Lori on Twitter @LoriforClerk, on Facebook under Lori Mitchell, on Instagram under clerklori.

Email Lori at LoriMitchellforClerk@gmail.com


Register to Vote

Visit www.GoVoteColorado.com or call the Chaffee County Elections office at 719-530-5606.


Vote. It's important.

Vote. It's important.







Lori and Big Chief. Lori is a Democrat. Big Chief is unaffiliated.

Lori and Big Chief. Lori is a Democrat. Big Chief is unaffiliated.